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Contract Translations

Appropriate Use of Terminology

The source language may make a differentiation that is not habitually made in the target language. The translator assigned to the project, who will be either a member of the legal profession or the holder of a qualification in legal translation, will be able to work around this, and provide the client with a translated contract which takes into account all the particular nuances of both the source and target languages.

In this way, the client can be confident that every sentence of the translated contract will have been analyzed in-depth before the translator settles on wording that has all the necessary legal connotations in the target text as it did in the original source document.


Client confidentiality is paramount at Askme®.

We fully understand the need to maintain strict confidentiality in contract translation, and are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements if necessary.

Confidentiality is a company policy, and you can therefore rest assured that this process will not slow down the translation of your contract.