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Globalization = Internationalization + Localization


Internationalization involves the preparation of a product/service on a macro level so that it can be easily localized to many markets without having to redesign extensively the product every time. Internationalization is critical in the product planning phase and, ideally, should be considered when the product is being designed. This will minimize the work that needs to be done by the localization teams.


Localization is the adaptation of a product/service to account for the differences of a particular market, including translation, technical modifications, regulatory modifications, etc. We have particular expertise in Greek localization projects for our numerous clients who rely on us to help them reach the Greek market.

Internationalization and Localization Services

There are various tasks involved when undergoing the globalization, localization and Greek internationalization processes, including the following:

• Intense review of all translations and content in order to ensure maximum benefit of the localization efforts. The localization process must to ensure the language is adapted to address the local nomenclature.

• Review of all graphics and use of desktop publishing services to adapt them for each local market

• Internationalization of all websites, scripts and electronic material at the early stages of product development to ensure a streamlined localization process and implementation

• Extensive testing to ensure all applications are properly adapted and function in all environments